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Sity Singles is a privately owned and operated network that assures the confidentiality of every aspect of potential members and their personal information. The first step in the process is for each potential private member to participate in three (3) to five (5) one-on-one sessions with LaTonya MeChelle to build a connection and to make sure that they are truly ready for love.  Because we take what we do very seriously, we only want the elite to be a part of this matchmaking network.  The process is not simple, nor was it created to produce results overnight. If love is what you're truly looking for, time and patience is of the essence and our skilled team is here to do everything within our power to make it happen. 


Upon receiving the initial application, the member will be contacted to schedule their minimum of  three (3) private, yet relaxed, easy, open, video sessions to better understand the dating and lifestyle preferences, as well as the relationship goals. As a member, the team’s full attention belongs to every detail of your process. If selected to become a client that we provide one-on-one service to, transparency of the member, combined with our team’s talents, skills and abilities, will make the perfect combination to holistically select your “WOW FACTOR.”  


Sity Singles is designed to cater to those who are intelligent, financially, spiritually and emotionally stable, with a healthy amount of a sense of humor, but more importantly, ready for love with the right person.  Sity Singles takes pride in the confident individuals  who are true to themselves, and in turn, makes it easy for them to be true to their potential mate.  If you’re exhausted with the mediocre rat race and drama that comes with dating, meeting someone online or having to go to a nightclub in order to find a classy mate, then Sity Singles is the network for you. Authenticity is a top characteristic each member must have to be a part of this network; being superficial or having the mentality that you are, “God’s Gift to the world and it doesn't get better than me,” is not an acceptable mindset Sity Singles embraces and will be grounds for immediate elimination from the program. 

The Sity Singles team has created a solid, streamlined process to meet the needs of each potential client, no matter their profession, albeit an entrepreneur or an employee of a regular 9 to 5. We will conduct a thorough screening to ensure everyone is who exactly who they say they are.  In return, it is our duty to also give you comfort in knowing you will never have to worry about a Catfish scenario, finding out the potential mate is already married or any other dating nightmare situation that you may have experienced in the past. 

Since our matchmaking service is tailor made to each individual client, its very important that we give each client our full attention as if they are our only client.  Due to this fact, we are currently only accepting 10 new official Sity Single clients.  Each candidate must complete a one on one session with LaTonya MeChelle to be approved for consideration.    Don't worry, it you don't make the first go around, we will continue sourcing and add additional slots periodically.

Everyone is not meant to be our private clients. Some may only be interested in being added to our database as a possible option for one or more of our private clients.  This is fine.  We are currently scheduling one on one sessions for 'Wow Factor Possibilities'  (our database only clients).  It's important that we screen all that's attached to our 'Sity Singles' brand so that we can maintain our brands ethics.  

We have created 'Sity Singles Live' Dating Show.  This show allows our viewers to reach out to our team and tell us why they think that they would make a great date for our guest.  The viewer must send us a write up and picture or a video on why we should select them to go as a date for our guest.  Our team will pick the three submissions that we believe would be the most compatible for our guest.  Our guest will then have a chance to pick their favorite of the three.  The viewer selected when then be notified and a date will be set up for the two.  The selected viewer will be responsible for all date related expenses.  Dates can be as simple or as extravagant as the viewer chooses. After the date, the guest and viewer will be scheduled as a guest to come back on Sity Singles Live to discuss their date.   You are not required to be a Sity Singles Private Client to participate on Sity Singles Live and our selected guests and viewers are only obligated to one date.  

We will also start spotlighting Singles on our Hauze Of Love social media pages, in our weekly Eblasts and in our online and print editions of Prove Magazine & Dang Thang Magazine, both owned by LaTonya MeChelle.   You do not have to be a private client to participate in 'Sity Singles Spotlight'.

As you can see, we have carefully and strategically created avenues and opportunities for the classy singles that are connected to our brand.  One of the two questions that we are being asked, do you accept members of the LGBTQ communities and is Sity Singles just limited to black people?  We do cater to stressing black love and building healthy straight monogamous relationships as you can see by our advertisement but we are not limited to considering other options.  Just like with any and all of our clients, we vet everyone to make sure they meet our requirements.  Signing up, being black and straight, doesn't guarantee your selection for any of our services. So, we welcome all that our interested to submit themselves for consideration.    

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I Want To Be A Private Member of Sity Singles 

Our PRIVATE MEMBERS are the jewels of Sity Singles.  Membership includes:

  • Required One on One Self Love Sessions

  • Wow Factor Sourcing 

  • Personal Coaching with LaTonya MeChelle

  • Guests on Sity Singles

  • Singles Spotlight In Our Magazine(s)

A One On One Initial Session with LaTonya MeChelle is required to make sure that our spirits gel and to explain the program.  If we decide that being a PRIVATE MEMBER is not for you or we have filled our available slots, we will add you as a Database Member.  The fee for this one on one session is $30.  If you are selected as a Member, this price will be deducted from your overall member's pricing.

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Join Our Database

Are you a 'Wow Factor'! We can not do our job without options for our clients. Our database members are just as significant as our Private Members.  We will use our database members to help source for love for our private members. 


As a Database Member, you are required to attend a One On One Initial Session with LaTonya MeChelle to find out more about you for when we start sourcing for our Private Members.  It's more to than just filling out a questionnaire.  The fee for this one on one session is $30 and it allows you access to our database until 05.31.22.  After this date, you will have the option to stay but you will be charged an additional fee. 

By being a member of our database, you will also get a chance to be by one of our Sity Singles Spotlights, get invited to our private events and receive sourcing emails about our Private Members before we send them out to our network.    

I Want To Be A Guest On Sity Singles Live

Since you're not required to be a Private  or Database Member to be a guest on Sity Singles Live, we aren't as strict when choosing our guests.  Since we are assisting our guests in getting exposure, we do require a service fee of $50 unless you're handpicked by our team.  If you are ready to be a guest, please complete the following form and select your date.  Once we receive your information, we will contact you about the details.  You will be responsible in assisting us in promoting your scheduled show date.   

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One On One Love Talk With LaTonya MeChelle

Some aren't ready for a MatchMaker.  Some don't even want anyone to know that they are single and are ready to open themselves up for dating.  Some just have questions and need authentic advice.   LaTonya MeChelle is available for One On One 1 Hour Sessions to discuss whatever you like.  Each session is $35. These calls can be conducted either by phone or video.   You can request a face to face session with LaTonya MeChelle for a higher rate.