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Two Fools In One Night - What Did I Do To Deserve This!

I will never forget the day that he showed up at my house unexpectedly and I was being dropped off by another man from a date.

He went off on me and told me how much I hurt him. Then he stormed off. Imagine that!

I can remember thinking, this fool has loss his mind. He was a Married Youth Minster who had a sex group on FB. He had lied from day one and his goal was to make me one of his victims. He only showed up to my house cause I would no longer talk to him. Oh yeah, I forgot to add, he was a Massage Therapist too and him and his staff loved to do private parties. I see you Minister.

What made it even funnier, I had gotten dropped off from my date earlier than expected. What I didn't bother telling him was that I had just told the man that I was out with that I was wasting his time. That I thought I was ready to date but I wasn't. He didn't like it and tried to convince me differently but he had no chance of winning when I had already made up my mind. Plus, he was getting on my nerves. So full of excuses about why he didn't take care of his child, why he hated his baby mother. OMG! My inside voices was screaming, "this weak ass man, just have him drop you off anywhere". JUST TAKE ME HOME PLEASE! You, your baby mom and your child can kiss my tail. ijs.

I have no idea why I even accepted to go on a date with him cause I knew that he could never be more than someone to distract me from my reality for a short period of time. Truth be told, I had not one ounce of respect for him.

To jump out the car, walk towards my door and see another fool. What in the world had I done to deserve all of this? Just think, this one almost had me though. I swear to gosh, he had me fooled and I fell for his charm. Him talking about his love for God and even though he was way over 40, the abuse that he still accepted from his mom. Why in the world did I keep meeting these dang black men who were trying so hard to impress their mothers that they forgot to be a grown man?

Here's the funny part, he was standing at my door looking like a lost puppy. On the other side of that door, stilling on my kitchen table was everything that I needed to know about the good ole Minister. His wife's name and phone number, his church name, his Pastor's name and phone number, shall I continue? Sir, you can only play me for so long before I start putting two and two together. Do you think I said something? Nope, I just listen while this fool went off on me about going on a date with another man. Let me correct that, I watched him throw a tantrum and walk away.

All that extra wasn't for me. That was a man who felt stupid cause he thought I was sitting at home crying about his tail. That was a man who's ego was in the way, so he had to try to make me look like a bad person. Like he really cared. That fool didn't even care about himself. It was kinda funny that he was acting up about a man that I wasn't even interested in.

I took my high yella tail in the house, fixed me something to eat and called my best friends, Dre & Snoop to tell them about this mess. I swear they could write this book for me.

Two fools in one day, and people wonder why I choose to stay single!

From my book....

Losing My Strong, Black Independent Woman Religion. Coming soon


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