• LaTonya MeChelle

The War Between Black Men & Black Women

I believe that the war isn't just black man against black man or black woman against black woman. I believe the true war is black men against black women and vice versa. I believe that this combination is such a beautiful thing that the devil and other evilness don't want it to exist.

I believe that black men have become tired of the fight and feeling like they are being attacked and misunderstood. I feel like they believe that they get attacked every where else and don't want to hear it from their own that's suppose to love and cherish them. I believe they feel like they are always being judged by black women and they never feel good enough.

I believe that black women feel like black men have given up on the fight, even though they aren't allowed to give up themselves. I believe that black women blame black men for what they have to endure cause they won't take their place. I believe that black women have lost respect for black men cause they feel like they are the only ones who have to struggle and their not.

I believe so much! But what I believe more than anything is that all of this is a big miscommunication and its time for us to let down our walls and learn to love each other the way that our ancestors loved each other. I think we need to stop worrying about being right all the time and talking about this is how we do it today and tap into our ancestor's soul and recall the true meaning of BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. Way before it became just a saying. We have to stop pointing fingers and take a good look in the mirror and ask, as a black person, what do I represent and what kind of an example am I setting for my legacy. Stop blaming others and do your part.

People say STAY WOKE but maybe we need to go back to sleep and become one again with those who walked before us and remember what they endured...

It was never about hate with them. It was about love, coming together and operating as one. Love is how they survived. Not that microwave mess that we believe in today. They didn't just stop communicating and turn to an easier source, they worked it out. They took care of each other. Just think, they were slaves doing this but they had more of a free mindset than most of us.

It's all a big miscommunication that is benefiting all but us blacks!!

Bring black Black Respect so we can being back Black Love!


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