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Play Your Freaking Part

We always hear people talking about be a man's safe place. Make it so, he feels comfortable talking to you about anything. Don't throw things back in his face. Don't ever make him feel like less of a man.

Women are being taught, find a man that's in to you just as much as you're into him. It's always better when a man loves you more cause he will treat you better.

These sayings have been said over and over again but yet there's still so many single people. Not just that, there's still so many struggling relationships. As a matter of fact, I have more conversations with people in broken relationships rather than singles. People who have been stuck for so long that they are comfortable with being miserable.

How do we love someone one day and then the next we hate their guts? Could it be that we didn't love them in the beginning? Could it be we didn't take the time to know them before we start investing our feelings? Could it be that we are selfish and don't know how to work on a relationship once it's not going our way? Could it be that we are so busy hating on them that we haven't looked at what we are doing wrong? Truth be told, it could be any of these. Only you can truthfully answer that....

I'm saying all of this to say....being in a good relationship is a lot easier than we think. That is if we really want it.....

The golden rule has never changed.....treat others like you want to be treated period! Stop with your funky attitude. Stop with your have to be right all the time attitude. Stop with the insecurities. Stop with operating in your trauma.. Stop with your but he ain't giving me attention attitude...switch it up and give it to him instead. Do to your mate, what you want done to you.

Check yourself on a constant basis. Fix your flaws and don't even trip off of what they are doing. Do what makes you smile and feel good. Walk around feeling good about yourself and don't wait on the approval from your mate. Apply for that job you've always wanted. Lose that weight. Learn that second language. Practice smiling on a normal. I promise you that you feeling good about yourself will make your mate take notice. You feeling good about yourself will make you treat them better.

It's the simple things that changes things in a relationship. It's a freaking partnership. But in order for any great deal to be prosperous, everyone has to do their part. Do Your freaking part!!! It's really hard to treat a good person bad.

Plus, once you fix you....if they ain't meant for you, it will be easy to walk away.


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