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Time To Switch Up Your Thinking.....

A story from my Hauze Of Love files......


Every time we lay together, whether we are having sex or not, he always holds me. I wake up in the middle of the night and I'm still in his arms. I move and he pulls me closer as to let me know, babes I'm sleep but I'm still alert enough to protect you if need be. Take your tail to the bathroom, get some water and then bring your tail back here, so we can sleep in peace.

One night, as I'm laying in his arms. He abruptly pulls from me, turns around and goes back in deep sleep.

Me being the spoiled person I am, is now up and in my own head. WTF! Wait one minute! Has he been faking how he is the whole time. What's going on? How come he ain't holding me? What did I say smart before we went to sleep? Is he mad at me? Blah blah blah blah....overthinking like most women. Needless to say, I had an attitude.

Then it hit me....girl, you ain't your trauma and he ain't them. Get out your damn head and save your over analyzing ways for another time.

I then scooted behind him and wrapped my arms around him and he immediately grabbed my hand and pulled me closer.

Later on while laying in the bed talking, we discussed what happened in my mind. Needless to say, he was clueless and the only thing he could think of was that he was hot!!!

He apologized, even though he didn't really do anything but the thought that I went thru what I went thru mattered to him.

Protecting a woman is more than providing for her financially. A woman should feel so protected with her man that she has no reason to second guess him because he organically and consistently show her that he has her.

Women on the other hand, we must stop allowing our mental overthinking to stand in the way of our peace and happiness. We must stop getting thoughts in our heads and running with them as if they really happened.

This simple incident could've went real bad like it so often does. Things change when you remove egos.

In this dimension, you can't be with just anyone. Be with someone that you know that you're going to put in the work for. Even when they don't deserve it. Be with someone that causes you to think before you cut up. Be with someone that you could go into business with. If they understand how business work, yall will always be able to negotiate working on yalls relationship. Be with someone that you don't have to be right with. Be with someone that you don't have a problem checking yourself for and apologizing. Be with someone who you can express yourself too....... Notice I keep talking about things that are related to YOU!! It ain't so much about the other person but more about you.

I'm a strong believer that we have been wasting our time on chemistry and not a true connection, trying to make something out of nothing. Big difference. Red flags vs. Green flags.

Time to take off your track shoes and walk barefooted. Fix you so when it's time for him/her to take their place, the last thing you will worry about is a relationship. You never have to worry about organic things when you're doing your part. It will automatically work for you.


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