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You Are The Blockage - Not Men!

I use to get mad at the saying, you attract who you are.

Why in the world did I keep attracting broken men? Why were men coming into my life for a season and I help heal them and then they were gone? Why did it seem like I was the one preparing men to walk into their best lives as mates but I was never the one being chosen or even wanting to be chosen by then?

The post said " Spiritual women attract two types of men. The ones who crave healing and only take her healing energy without returning it. Or. The ones who are grounded and open and hold space for her to be the highest form of her magic.'

See, this post is real but they forgot to add something about spiritual women.....

We can be spiritual with the best heart and know how to take care of a man and still be broken. We naturally are nurtures and without making an effort, we take care of whomever is in our space. Even when we are mentally and spiritually suffering from within. We wear masks showing the world that we are good when really we are drowning on the inside. We get so good at wearing the mask, that we start believing our own deception. What better way to cover up? Find a man to fix and distract you from your own truth.

Doesn't take away from you being a good woman or a spiritually gifted woman with many talents. However, it does keep you living in a space that all you do is give cause you're not allowing anyone to give back to you in return. You aren't even aware that you are blocking your blessings.

You are your own blockage, not MEN...You!

For so long, we've gotten away with playing the blame game and allowing our gifts to stand out but coverup our weaknesses. Thinking no one sees but people, who are looking properly, can see.....

They take from you cause you are taking from them to continue hiding with what you don't want to face.........

Own up to your hurt, pain or whatever that's holding you hostage. Accept it and deal with it so you can remove the blockage and truly walk in your role as a spiritual woman.... I know he destroyed you when he molested you. I know you still think about that abortion. I know he hurt you when he abused you. I know your mom was the worst. I get it! More than you will ever know. But living in this past trauma is doing nothing but making you a miserable soul. You have to let go and understand that you are not your circumstances.

You deserve to see what it looks like when you make peace. You deserve to see what happens when you start attracting MEN who are drawn to all of your magic. Ones who have no problem giving in return. I'm not just taking about that perfect mate that you've been wanting but men who respect you in general cause you have finally taken off your mask.

It's something so amazing about FREE WILL! You always have a choice!

I had to get out of my own way and face my truth. It's a different world on the other side. It feels good to give and receive on a norm.



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