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Loving A Black Man

I'm learning that it's not that black men and woman don't get along. It's just that when it comes to love, you have to find that right one who you're willing to make a priority just as much as you make yourself a priority. Treat each other how you feel you deserve to be treated, no matter what. Even when they get on your nerves. Even when you don't understand. Even when they hurt your feelings. Always stop to consider how you would want to be treated and give them that and more. The tone of your voice, your body expressions, the way you look at each other, the simple little things you do on a normal basis matters.

Love can't be just about the woman being taken care of. Men are humans with emotions too who need just as much attention as anyone else. Give it to him! Hold him accountable and don't stand in the way of him being a man and a provider but give him all the things he needs to make loving you and taking care of you as easy as possible. You both will end up winning in the long run.

Selfish love must stay in 2021. Black Love must retake its place in our society. Its needed to save our brothers!!! They are crying out for our help, we must stop ignoring them and take our roles. Its needed to save our families.

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