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Being A Good Man, Don't Make Him A Good Mate!

Hey Honey Buns,

Just cause they fine, take care of their kids and have a good job don't mean they will make a good mate. Stop falling for these men cause they give you attention.

Men who come for you and start talking about sex within the first week, have issues. They may like you but they also like what you are gonna let them do to you EASILY!! How, do they know? Cause you engage in the mess and don't put them in check. Yes, we all know that men think sexually most of the time. But umm, find one that's respectful and classy enough to be a gentleman and show you he's about getting to know you as a person rather than him being stuck on y'all taking care of each others needs.

Some men don't give a dang cause they don't have to. Why? Cause women accept their mess. Then wonder why he don't call anymore or sit back and watch him give other women attention that he use to give to you. Sis, you getting old! Thank God that we don't have to keep tally on the amount of times that we fell for this mess, thinking that he was going to be the one.

Its okay to stand your ground rather than giving in. If he walks away, just know you saved yourself the heartache. Don't nobody want or need a weak man who's head is in the gutter. Bring back the men with substance and class. The ones with so much respect for themselves That they dare not step to a lady without having class.

He probably has cooties anyway. If he is coming for you that easily and talking about what he's going to do to you...he is probably doing it to others. Straight nasty! Go brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out with bleach. Haha....can't be putting your mouth just anyways. Plus you need to save some of you for your WOW FACTOR! He coming SIS! You just have to believe that and stop wasting your time on them NONFACTORS

Stop thinking you need a man so bad that anyone will do....

Until next time...Love, Peace & Happiness!


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